The Ultimate Muse Tribute Band


  • Reviews:

  • Not only do these guys look like Muse, they sound just like them. Totally amazing! - Johnny Doom - Kerrang! Radio

  • If you can't get to see Muse, go and see these. I've seen both live, and these are an amazing tribute act

  • Awesome set last night guys. I've never seen Muse live but I can't imagine it would be any different to the superb showing you gave us. Thank you!!!


  • "We were excited to be able to get tickets to see Mused which are the tribute act for Muse.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as Muse are my favourite band and I couldn’t see how a tribute could do them justice.  Was I wrong!!!  Mused are the closest you will get to the real thing!  They sang all the favourites like Hysteria to some new stuff.  The lead singer is a true showman and there was a great crowd there supporting them.  Great music, great atmosphere! " 


  • "You guys were sick at Festwich, think I went a bit too crazy haha, loved it!"


  • "You guys rock! Seriously though Festwich brought back memories of seeing muse at the Etihad, you were great!"


  • "Takes some doing for a tribute band to impress me, first time I've seen you guys and honestly my first thoughts were "they going to murder one of my fave bands". How wrong I was, you were awesome and well worth watching again :). Good luck with your future projects, hopefully will see you again. X"


  • "Awesome set yesterday guys. You certainly got the crowd bouncing"


  • "Your performance was unreservedly AWESOME! - Next year they should be headlining - no contest"


  • I was told you guys were good, but your not just good you're f'king epic!!!!


  • Would love to see Mused again they totally smashed it tonight.


  • Amazing gig last night, really enjoyed ourselves!



​Last Update: 11/07/2022

Mused are the Ultimate MUSE tribute act who excel at delivering the most authentic Muse concert experience, in terms of lookalike, soundalike and full on MUSE attitude. As Muse now rarely perform at anything smaller than arena capacity, Mused offer the opportunity to get up close to the action!


We accurately recreate all of your favourite Muse tracks, and just like Muse, rather than playing them exactly like the studio recordings, we perform all the extra bits including the "improvised jams" in-between songs just as Muse do when performing live, thus creating a true Muse live experience! From the moment the show opens to the encore you will believe you are listening to, and watching Muse themselves!


The band's set list compiles songs from across all Muse's studio albums, from Showbiz to The Will of the People. Set lists can be tailored to provide up to an hour and a half of material - currently consisting of:



  • Bliss

  • Can't Take My Eyes Off You

  • Citizen Erased

  • Dead Inside

  • Dead Star

  • Feeling Good

  • Hyper Music

  • Hysteria

  • Knights of Cydonia

  • Madness

  • Mercy

  • Muscle Museum

  • New Born

  • Panic Station

  • Plug in Baby

  • Pressure

  • Psycho

  • Reapers

  • Resistance 

  • Showbiz

  • Starlight

  • Stockholm Syndrome

  • Sunburn

  • Supermassive Black Hole

  • Supremacy

  • The Handler

  • The Small Print

  • The Dark Side

  • Thought Contagion

  • Time Is Running Out

  • Undisclosed Desires

  • Unintended

  • Uno

  • Uprising

  • Won't stand down

  • The Will of the People

So whether its a festival, or if we're travelling to a concert venue near you, you can rest assured your Ultimate Muse experience is in safe hands!